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Our vision and mission are clear:
We are about people directly helping people in need.

Angel Flight exists to arrange free long distance access, ultimately removing the financial burden of transportation as an obstacle in receiving specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for any independently mobile child or adult.

Our Services

Free Flights
Angel Flight offers hope and help for ambulatory patients during a time of crisis by providing free transportation to life-sustaining treatment at distant medical facilities. There is absolutely no charge to the patient.

On-call Transplant service
When potential transplant recipients receive last-minute notice that an organ is available for them, our on-call pilots are ready to fly patients at any time of day or night, delivering them within hours to distant medical facilities.
(This service may not be available in all regions. Check with your region.)

Companion Transport
To ensure each patient's well-being, we also provide transportation for a support person accompanying the patient, usually a family member or friend.

Precious Cargo Transport
Angel Flight also transports precious cargo such as organs, blood, tissue and medical supplies. We flew many such missions in the days following the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

Many Groups, One Goal

Angel Flight America is made up of grassroots groups, regional boards of directors, staff members, patients and other passengers, pilots and ground-based volunteers and donors.

Seven autonomous non-profit organizations comprise the membership of Angel Flight America, and carry out its hands-on missions. They are:

  1. Angel Flight West
  2. Angel Flight Central
  3. Angel Flight South Central
  4. Angel Flight Northeast
  5. Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic
  6. Angel Flight Southeast
  7. Mercy Medical Airlift

Angel Flight Regions

Angel Flight’s six regional organizations coordinate the following services for flights of less than 1000 miles:
  • Transporting people with medical and financial need to reach medical care far from home.
  • Transporting people with time-critical needs associated with a transplant procedure.
  • Transporting precious cargo such as organs, blood, tissue and medical supplies.
  • Providing free air support for disaster relief efforts in times of crisis.
  • Providing flights for numerous other humanitarian needs.

Mercy Medical Airlift
Mercy Medical Airlift is a member of Angel Flight that coordinates with commerical airlines to assist with flights of 1000 miles or more.

Requesting Free Flights
When requesting a flight, please allow 3-5 days for mission coordinators to successfully find a volunteer pilot or identify another appropriate transportation resource. Although some Angel Flight regions have special volunteers who are "on-call" for last minute transplant, blood and special circumstance flights, mission coordinators still appreciate as much time as possible to find the best transportation option for you.

To request flights, please call (877) 621-7177, or click the image below:

Request a flight.
Request a flight.

Mission Statement

Angel Flight™ provides, through its members, access for people in need seeking free air transportation to specialized health care facilities or distant destinations due to family, community or national crisis.

Our Legal Status
Angel Flight America is a national non-profit, tax-exempt organization recognized by the IRS under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and is supported entirely by the generosity of the volunteer pilots who donate the costs of every flight, tax-deductible donations from individuals and corporations, and grants from foundations.

From the donations that are distributed to our member organizations, over 94% is used to directly support program services.

Who May Use Angel Flight?
You may qualify as an Angel Flight passenger if you:
  • Are ambulatory or have some mobility.
  • Are medically stable and able to fly in an unpressurized plane.
  • Have demonstrated financial need and are unable to afford other means of commercial transportation.
  • Are any age
  • Have received any medical diagnosis.
  • Accompany a patient who fits the above criteria.

Angel Flight Volunteer Pilots
The pilots who fly for Angel Flight are caring, compassionate individuals from all walks of life and professions. All pilots must meet minimum experience requirements, Federal Aviation Administration proficiency requirements, have a current medical certificate and maintain aircraft liability insurance.

The pilots generously donate their time and the entire expense of their missions, including fuel costs, any landing fees and the standard operational maintenance costs of the aircraft.

Fast Facts
  • Angel Flight America is the largest charitable air transportation organization in the world.

  • We represent over 90% of all charitable aviation flights in America.

  • With more than 5000 pilots, Angel Flight America is the largest volunteer pilot organization in the U.S.

  • Angel Flight handles more than 20,000 mission requests annually.

  • In 2002, Angel Flight flew more than 25,000 passengers on 11,000 flights.

  • Nearly 40% of our missions are for children and 60% are for adults with hundreds of different illnesses and needs.

  • Each dollar donated generates at least four dollars worth of contributed services by Angel Flight volunteers.

  • Volunteer pilots "provide" the transportation by donating their time, talent, airplane, fuel and operating expenses.
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All donations received by Angel Flight America are evenly shared among its seven member organizations to fulfill the mission of the organization.
Our regional organizations then use their portion of these funds to serve your local community.

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