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Angel Flight volunteers like you fill a critical gap in our nation's charitable structure. Ground and pilot volunteers donate their time, talents, airplanes and expenses to ensure free transportation is universally provided for children and adults in need of services.

Select a method to help:

Financial Support

Donate to Your Angel Flight Region

By donating to the Angel Flight organization in your region, your donation will be used “closer to home,”allowing your region to meet needs that are unique to your locality.

To donate to your region,
call (800) 446-1231 or click the image below:

Donate to an Angel Flight Region. Click Here.

Donate to Angel Flight America
All donations to Angel Flight America are shared equally among its seven member organizations to support the overall mission of Angel Flight. The members use their portion of donations to coordinate missions and to increase awareness of our service in the general public and within aviation and healthcare communities. This increased awareness helps us successfuly attract:
  • patients in need of free transportation
  • volunteer pilots
  • ground volunteers ("Earth Angels")
  • vital financial support of individuals, corporations and foundations.
To donate to AFA,
call (800) 446-1231 or click the image below:

Volunteer Pilots
The pilots generously donate their time and the entire expense of their missions, including fuel costs, any landing fees and the standard operational maintenance costs of the aircraft.

The pilots who fly for Angel Flight are caring, compassionate individuals from all walks of life and professions. All pilots must:
  • meet minimum experience requirements
  • meet Federal Aviation Administration proficiency requirements
  • have a current medical certificate
  • maintain aircraft liability insurance.

To volunteer as a pilot,
call (877) 621-7177 or click the image below:

Donate to an Angel Flight Region. Click Here.

Ground Support - "Earth Angels"
Angel Flight volunteer pilots could not accomplish their missions if it were not for a strong network of ground support volunteers known as "Earth Angels."

If you want to get involved in ways besides flying, there are many opportunities to be an important part of the Angel Flight team:
  • screening passengers
  • coordinating missions
  • answering phones
  • helping "spread the word" about Angel Flight
  • organizing and/or helping with special events
  • driving passengers to and from the airport
  • and other vital administrative tasks.

To volunteer to be an "Earth Angel,"
call (877) 621-7177 or click the image below:

Donate to an Angel Flight Region. Click Here.

Why is Angel Flight Important?

The unpredictability of life could put any of us in a position of need. Illnesses, accidents, natural and national disasters.... In all of these situations, financial resources may be insufficient to cover the associated costs.

Furthermore, access to specialized care often means travelling to a distant city. This long distance travel is expensive and not usually covered by insurance. Therefore, many people are prevented from getting the life-saving help they desperately need because they can't afford the means to access it.

Angel Flight exists to arrange free long distance access, ultimately removing the financial burden of transportation as an obstacle in receiving specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for any independently mobile child or adult.

Angel Flight America, Inc. serves to strengthen and support the efforts of its regional volunteers in the areas of public education, public affairs, advertising, fundraising and charitable air transportation operations.

Donate to Angel Flight today!

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All donations received by Angel Flight America are evenly shared among its seven member organizations to fulfill the mission of the organization.
Our regional organizations then use their portion of these funds to serve your local community.

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